Django Unchained

Going with the fact that 50% of the readers of my blog are into entertainment business, I would like to be the first to tell you about a BRAND NEW QUENTIN TARANTINO MOVIE. In my opinion the man is an absolute genius and one of the greatest American story tellers in history, making this the single most highly anticipated movie of my young life. This time Tarantino’s warped mind takes us to the deep south during the days of slavery and like most Tarantino flicks, revenge is the main theme. An unbelievable cast including Jamie Foxx (playing the title character) Leonardo DiCaprio (playing the sadistic plantation/club owner Calvin Candie) Kevin Costner (reviving his career), Samuel L. Jackson (Tarantino’s go-to black guy), AND Christopher Waltz (or Hans Landa of the SS). Foxx plays a freed slave taken in by a bounty hunter (Waltz) who teaches Foxx the tricks of his trade in order to help Foxx exact revenge on evil plantation owner Calvin Candie (very Kill Bill-esque) who not only owns his wife, but also owns a club (appropriately named Candyland) in which he pits his slaves against each other in fight-to-the-death style cage matches for the entertainment of his white patrons. Only Tarantino has the balls to remake monumental events in history such as WW2 and slavery. I can’t remember ever being this excited for a movie before and it’s not even due out until Christmas 2012! For more info on what is sure to be another twisted and violent journey into the mind of one of America’s greatest film makers, check out

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  1. Fantastic. One of the best modern directors. All his films are excellent,( well maybe not KILL BILL 2). Nobody does revenge better than Tarentino. He takes all the best influences of the directors he grew up watching, Sergio Leone, John Ford, Sam Peckinpaugh, John Huston, Sidney Lumet, and creates a new genre all his own!!


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