Syracuse & Pitt Leaving the Big East

My dad called me tonight just to inform me of this major shift in college sports. Syracuse and Pitt, two cornerstones of big east basketball, have apparently decided to jump ship and head for the ACC. For somebody who’s only real interest in college sports comes from big east basketball, this is very sad news that is only a microcosm of the lunacy that has been taking place in college sports over the past couple months. What is even more ridiculous is that the NCAA, whom I believe prides themselves on being the most strictly run organization since the third reich, is sitting idle while this all takes place. I honestly didn’t care about most of the changes in college sports because they weren’t in the big east and they involved football, not basketball. However now two Big East teams that have been basketball powerhouses for years are leaving because there is more money to be made in ACC football than there is in big east basketball. This completely ruins the big east tournament (which I believe to be one of the most exciting sporting events of the year) and leaves a very uncertain future for the Big East with TCU joining the conference (which makes no sense geographically). While I sit in bed at 2:51am and try to fall asleep the only thing that I can really think to say about this is that IT REALLY SUCKS.

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