Album Review: Cole World: The Sideline Story by J. Cole

I’ve never actually reviewed an album before or any music for that matter, but that doesn’t make my opinion any less valid then your’s so here it goes. My two hour drive up I-95 last weekend back to Jersey had it’s very own soundtrack, J.Coles brand new album “Cole World: The Sideline Story”. I’ve been saying that J.Cole is going to be one of the next big rappers and this album only reinforces that. Jay-Z’s protege has really turned some heads with his first album, featuring old-school hip-hop beats (none of that synthesizer shit) and lyrics that will resonate in your head and make you think to yourself “I wish his words would come out of my mouth”. Punctuated with kickass pre-gaming songs like “Mr. Nice Watch”(featuring Jay-Z) and blunt smoking songs like “Dollar and A Dream III” and ‘Sideline Story” and even some lovemaking songs like “Lights Please” (my personal favorite song on the album) J. Cole is intent competing with Wiz, and Big Sean (Kanye’s protege) as the next big rapper in the game. Personally, now that this album has dropped I’d say Wiz and Sean are in his rearview. Could you expect anything less from the protege of Jay-Z? I’d say it’s “No more Mr. Nice Guy” for J. Cole, the sky is the limit for hip-hop’s new hero. If your too cheap to buy the album or find a way to download it illegally here’s a little preview….

Light’s Please, J. Cole

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