Farewell Yankees

The New York Yankee’s season came to a premature end last night, something that I feel is all too familiar in the past ten years. I guess since I’m an obnoxious Yankee fan I expect them to win it all every season (is that so much to ask?). But I didn’t really see them losing to the Detroit Tiger’s in the ALDS. Who is Doug Fister and how did the Yanks bats make him look like Cy Young. It’s aggravating when the most potent offense in MLB scores a mere two runs in the biggest game of the season. It sucks even more that A-rod was the one who had to strike out to end the game (it’s getting a lot harder to keep defending him). It seemed like such a picturesque October night in the Bronx that the Yankee’s have a history of making memorable. But this year the Tiger’s got the best of them (like they did in 2007). It’s too bad we couldn’t play the Twins, our first round bye. The Yanks (now 5-5 in sudden death playoff games in their history) will take a seat until the spring now and we can talk about another disappointing ending to the season. But take comfort in the fact that at least were not Red Sox fans. Giggity.


One comment

  1. I know I’m getting tired of the losing. It’s been 2 years without a championship, WTF!!! Everyone thought it was the pitching that would let them down, it was the bats. Thank God we’re not Cubs fans!


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