Fantasy Football Ruins Sundays

My fantasy team sucks. I drafted Roddy White with my first pick, that about sums it up. It would of been a nice sunday afternoon with my friends from back home if McFadden didn’t rush for only 51 yards and Rothlisberger (whom I benched) didn’t throw five touchdowns. Fantasy sports can make or break your sunday (depending on how “passionate” you are about your team). On top of that the Giants lose on a play that epitomizes Eli Manning’s career. Scientific research has proven that intense sports fans (especially football fans) will experience a higher rate of health issues, lower intelligence, and a higher volume of douchebaggery. We here at TDQ are very passionate football fans. Fantasy sports will ruin football games for you. If you have ever gone into a fit of rage because Victor Cruz made an amazing touchdown catch for the Giants because the kid your playing in fantasy has him, you know what I’m talking about. When you search the waiver wire for anybody and everybody all week long to start and then your team sucks anyway you can’t help but be angry. However, Fantasy sports are here to stay and there impact can be felt when every game features a little box that says “fantasy leaders”. For men it’s an addiction the same way that facebook is. My prediction is that the fantasy sports industry will only grow bigger and leagues will only become more costly on publicized. It’s one of the newest crazes brought about by the information era. Fantasy sports are becoming as ingrained in our culture as apple products and crazy republicans. Personally I have half a mind to change this website to a fantasy sports website because that’s where the money will be. I would never do that to my 2 readers however because TDQ is for the people and not the money. So if you had a shitty sunday like me then know that you are not the only victim of being overly concerned about random statistics from a retarded sport.


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