Adderall for all & all for Adderall

Is it a miracle pill? Psh, hell yes. I’m on it right now (why else would I do two posts in one day) and I feel I’ve accomplished more in the past two hours than Israel and Palestine have accomplished in the past millennium. It’s a great feeling but it got me wondering about just how big Adderall has become at college. Since I know my loyal readers have probably taken advantage of the stimulant I feel obligated to educate you. I found this handy little article on (I website I frequently visit) all about the explosion of Adderall on college campuses….

“In a survey study of students at 119 American college campuses published in the journal Addiction, it was found that up to 25% of those enrolled at very competitive universities had used the drug as a study aid. Another survey study, the federal government’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health, for 2008, found that only 6.4% of students had used the drug in the past year, but that college students aged 18-22 were twice as likely to abuse Adderall than non students from the same age group.”

Now based on what I see at UD these numbers seem staggeringly low. Nobody I know hasn’t at least entertained the idea of using the “smart pill”. Plus there are all sorts of lovely side effects such as stroke, heart attack, hypertension (something i’m feeling right now), psychosis, seizures, aggressive behavior, fatigue, hunger, depression, nightmares, and of course sudden death (for people with heart abnormalities). Theres also always the possibility of addiction and did you know that being caught with a schedule 2 medication (like adderall) by the 5.0 is punishable with jail time? Maybe this will make you think twice before you pop an addy and pull an all-nighter in the Morris Library during finals week. But probably not. My solution? If you don’t want the children taking adderall don’t give us so much goddamn work. I’ve said my piece, decide for yourself, but heed my wisdom.



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