More Dogorhir Here!

At TDQ we don’t like to disappoint our readers. Last week I did a story about an activity called Dagorhir at the University of Delaware (similar to the game LAIRE from the movie Role Models) and I promised you pictures of the “warriors”. Sorry if I teased anybody but I forgot to put the memory card into my camera when I took the pictures. As my journalism teacher says “equipment failure is the bane of the journalist’s experience”. Well I’ve learned from my follies and now I have EVEN BETTER pictures! Once again, if this is something you might be interested I strongly encourage you to check out their website which is if you didn’t realize that I embedded the link. Now lets get to the action….

if you are struck in the leg you have to go down on your knee's (no pun intended)

never defeated in battle....


Dagorhir warriors come in all shapes and sizes


yeah he's dead...

just kidding!


attack of the crippled girls!

look ma no legs!

you may meet that special someone...


she's the princess

what a loser!

total swag