The Best Show On TV Your Not Watching

Ever wonder what the underground world of cooking and selling methamphetamine is like (hasn’t everybody?). Well even if you haven’t you should still watch AMC’s Breaking Bad. Winner of multiple Emmy’s (including best actor Bryan Cranston…yeah he’s the dad from Malcolm in the Middle), Breaking Bad is the story of a high-school chemistry teacher, turned cancer patient, turned meth cook, turned totally badass mother fucking criminal. How do I know your not watching this cinematic masterpiece of a television program? Breaking Bad only averages roughly a million and a half viewers each week (which is pathetic and proves that this nation would rather numb their minds watching atrocious programming like the Jersey Shore then actually indulge themselves in a program as intellectual and provocative as Breaking Bad). Breaking Bad is dark, very dark. From dissolving corpses in pools of acid, to crushing junkie’s heads with an ATM machine, to blowing the side of somebodies face off Harvey Dent style, we have seen it all on Breaking Bad. But what makes this show great goes far beyond the action; it is in the acting, and the cinematography (fine cinematography I feel is a rarity in television today). One scene in particular that resonates with me came from this past season 4. Somebody had the genius idea of mounting a camera on a roomba (those small motorized vacuum cleaners that drive by themselves) as it went around a crack den, navigating around the passed out junkie’s and looking up at the people as they were getting high. This scene epitomizes the genius of Breaking Bad. It’s smart, it’s disturbing, and it’s funny in a dark way. Even if none of this were true the acting alone would still make this show worth watching. Bryan Cranston plays a nerdy teacher turned ruthless criminal so gooddamn well; and yet the transition is so subtle that you almost don’t realize what he’s become until your picking your jaw up off the floor. He alone could carry the show and yet he is surrounded by gobs of talent. Aaron Paul plays Jesse, Walt’s (Cranston) partner in crime and former junkie. The two actors play off each other brilliantly. Giancarlo Esposito plays the cool, calm yet insidious drug lord Gus (possibly the best TV villain I have ever scene). Bob Odenkirk plays the shady lawyer Saul Goodman, probably the funniest character in the show. The most impressive performance on the show however comes from RJ Mitte, who plays Walt’s son Walt Jr. a sixteen year old with cerebral palsy. Although Mitte does have a minor case of CP in real life, his performance in the show is completely understated but phenomenal. So what else do I have to do to convince you to watch this David Fincher, Christopher Nolan-esque program? There’s only one season left (AMC renewed Breaking Bad for it’s fifth and final season BUT this season will feature 16 episodes!) that is set to air next summer. This gives you plenty of time to buy the first four seasons on blu-ray and watch them. Then you can write me and thank me for improving your life by opening you up to a world of crime and meth. What are you waiting for?



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