The State of Hip Hop

Every now and then I find a real gem on like I did today. Whoever D. Respect is, he is a real enlightened fellow. He basically put into words exactly what I’ve thought about the hip-hop industry for years. It’s intelligent, thought provoking, and most importantly, 100% true. It kind of makes feel guilty for listening to Drake, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross (who I think totally sucks) all the time. Unfortunately, Hip Hop has become a shallow celebration of money, drugs, and woman and no longer is in touch with it’s roots. I wonder what Public Enemy, Grandmaster Flash, and The Sugarhill Gang think of today’s hip-hop music. I digress, but this video, whether you agree with it or not, certainly has some truth to it. If nothing else, it’s an entertaining watch.


…Wordpress is annoying so CLICK HERE to watch the video


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