Don’t Buy EA Sports Products

So i’m playing an intense franchise game in Madden 12 today with my Raiders (against Green Bay). After a shootout betweem Tebow and Rothlisberger (it’s a fantasy league, Tebow is a boss) the score is tied 31-31 going into OT. I get the ball first and of course Heyward-bey falls in the rain and Tebow’s pass gets intercepted. So the Packers drive down to the 15 yard line and then opt to kick a field goal. They make it and the game ends….WHAT THE FUCK? Aren’t there supposed to be new overtime rules in the NFL that allows the other team to have the opportunity to tie or win the game with their own drive? That wasn’t a question because I already know that it is a fucking rule considering Chris Collinsworth told me it was while I watched the Packers kick the game winning field goal. The developers included that bit of narration but don’t actually include the rule in the game. Why? Because EA sports is costing off all the money they make on Madden each year and don’t feel they owe it to their loyal fans to make a good product with no defects.It’s complete bullshit and I called the EA sports tech service to get to the bottom of this (the number is 650-628-4322 if you have been victimized by these corporate assholes). I get some young black dude on the phone who gives me a whole bunch of “Yeah, I don’t know man, that’s wack, i’m sorry about that” but gives me no actual fucking answers. He basically apologizes to me for having been screwed over by a developer who has completely monopolized the sports gaming market and feels no obligation to sell quality products to it’s fans. They don’t give a shit because every year lots of guys aged 10-40 will go out and buy the game despite all the lack of improvements and defects. Madden has essentially been the same game for the past five years with the exception of the roster updates. They add stupid little gimmicks to each game (like the automatic play calling feature which removes all strategy from the game, or this year’s voting to see who gets a 100 rating) and expect everybody to think it’s completely different. And they do! That makes me really made. Did you also know that no matter what you can’t turn off clock runoff in franchise or “my player” mode? So twenty seconds will run off the clock no matter what after each play. Thanks EA sports I can’t wait to be screwed over next year by the piece of crap game you put out. Sure maybe FIFA is a good game, but I refuse to buy EA sports products anymore, and you should join me in protest. This is the perfect example of the big conglomerate shitting on the little guy. I hope EA sports HQ burns to the ground with everybody in it….or maybe I’m just overreacting. All I know is that now the Raiders are 7-6 and our playoff chances are in jeopardy. Thanks a lot EA mother fucking sports.

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