It’s A Crying Shame: World Series Takes Backseat to Football

It’s a daaaamn shame that last night was the first time during the entire MLB playoffs that they managed to pull off more viewers than Sunday Night Football. The only reason that they were even able to accomplish this feat was because of a complete meltdown by the Colts comparable to that of Chernobyl (the Saints scored 62 fucking points). However, the World Series still only scored a 10.1 ( compared to SNF 8.2) which is the lowest rated Game 4 of a World Series in television history, although I’m not entirely sure what those numbers stand for. Ever since football came back baseball has very quickly faded into oblivion and that’s a crying shame. These MLB playoffs have been excellent with three ALDS series going to game 5’s, both Championship series going six games, and now we are set up for a story book ending with a best of three World Series featuring the best player in the game in Albert Pujols, and a lovable Rangers team that has never won a World series in history and starts a Jew! (Ian Kinsler). But if you turn on Sportscenter everybody is more concerned about Tim Tebow beating the winless dolphins then the fact that Pujols blasted three home runs in one World Series game (something that only Reggie Jackson and Babe Ruth had done before him by the way). In fact, last night after the game was over, instead of getting highlights, we first had to listen to Chris Berman verbally ejaculate every NFL game from the Sunday that was. Then, maybe a half hour into the show, poor Tim Kurkjian finally got to talk to us about a phenomenal game 4 that saw the Rangers equalizing the series. I don’t mean to be crude, but that’s fucked up. Ten years ago the World Series would have never played second fiddle to any regular season week in the NFL, but nowadays that’s the reality of the sports world. The simple fact is, America is addicted to football because it provides a “fix” that baseball cannot. It starts with all the built up story lines that Sportscenter gives us during the week (Tim Tebow, Carson Palmer, will Harbaugh throw down with another coach?). Mix in all the fantasy junkies who read every online article about the most obscure players to see if there worth a start (myself included). Then add the anticipation of waiting the entire week to watch your Raiders get spanked by the Chiefs. Before you know it, your going through your entire week just waiting for Sunday to come so all these questions that Sportscenter has made you care about can be answered and you can get your football “fix”. There’s no such thing as a baseball fix because the sports media is too preoccupied with football to deter any attention toward the MLB. Essentially, every sunday in the NFL is built up to be some five star Martin Scorsese film with a star cast featuring all sorts of twists and turns and insane action. The World Series on the other hand might as well be some Tyler Perry movie of the week on the CW. America’s past time is just that; past it’s time. Football rules now because of the non-stop action and excitement that our society craves and that baseball baseball no longer gives us. It’s funny because 150 years ago America adopted Baseball over Cricket because Cricket was too slow paced and boring for our culture. Now it’s Baseball that has become the boring game that can’t compete with football and that’s a damn shame, a damn crying shame.

BUT, here’s a video of George Carlin telling us why baseball is better then football. Enjoy. giggity.


  1. Enough about The Raiders. It’s bad enough that they get shut-out by a high School team, without you piling on! The real reason for the popularity of football is gambling, and that they only play once a week for 16 games. Baseball is every day for 6 months, therefore you don’t stew as long over a bad loss, because they play again tomorrow. That being said, baseball is still the greatest game, that takes the most skill.


    1. Gambling helps football but that’s not the main reason why it’s the most popular sport. It’s because of the changing times, our culture can’t sit and watch a baseball game for 9 innings because it’s not as fast paced and action packed as football. Football unfortunately is the new sport of our times because people need shit to happen constantly. In our fast-paced instand-gratification culture football is the American sport


      1. I’m not sure I agree with that. Football is a made for TV sport. The playing field fits the TV screen perfectly, more people gamble on football than any other sport in the world. Why do you think the media posts the spread and injury report. If people weren’t betting millions every week on the games, the spread, the over- under, most people wouldn’t give a shit.


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