Why You Should Buy Battlefield 3 & Not Call of Duty

Let me preface this by saying I have not played either game yet so I know nothing more than any of you. However  I have been a loyal fan of both franchises so I feel educated enough to give a well-informed opinion. I played Call of Duty Modern Warfare (the first game in the Modern Warfare franchise) for nearly two years and I have no problem saying that it was my favorite game of all time (and not just because of the the multiplayer but also the story mode that plays out like an epic Michael Bay film). However there has been a sure and steady decline in the quality of Call of Duty games since then. It is hard to top a game as great as the original Modern Warfare so I can’t say I’m mad at the developers; they just peaked too early. When Modern Warfare was the Vincent Chase of the video gaming world, Bad Company: Battlefield (which came out about a year after MW1) was the Johnny Drama. Everybody was too busy playing the amazingly addicting multiplayer mode in MW1 for Battlefield to receive any attention (although it was still apparently a very good game but I wouldn’t know because I was too busy playing MW1). However since that point in time when MW1 was king, there has been a rebellion that will culminate today (October 25th) with the release of Battlefield 3 and the dethroning of the Modern Warfare franchise. Modern Warfare has not lived up to the expectations I have set for them after MW1, releasing games I thought to be god-awful such as World At War and Black Ops (Modern Warfare 2 was…O.K.). What angered me about the Modern Warfare franchise is that they made no real innovations to the game. It was the same basic idea every time; grab a high powered automatic weapon (preferably with red dot sight), run around like your at Virginia Tech capping fools (too soon?), and if your efficient enough in your slaughter then your boys well send you a care package or an airstrike (In my opinion the U.S. Army should have kill streak rewards). A new game just meant different maps but the same essential idea. Battlefield changed the entire first-person shooter series when they added one very important innovation that Modern Warfare constantly overlooked: realism. Now a majority of my readers I assume haven’t played Battlefield because I know for sure Modern Warfare is still the much more popular franchise (but also the worse franchise). Let me educate you on what Battlefield is. Essentially, it’s the thinking-man’s Modern Warfare. Battlefield utilizes strategy and teamwork, along with very wide-open maps (there fucking huge), to create a war-zone experience that I haven’t felt since the first time I got really stoned and watched Black Hawk Down. I could go on all day talking about what sets Battlefield apart from Call of Duty (such as squads, weapon classes, vehicles, re spawning, game modes, sniping…) but I’d rather let you find out for yourself. This is what I’m trying to say. If you would rather play a mindless shooter that takes very little skill to be good at then Modern Warfare is the game for you (and if you NEED to find out what happens to Soap McTavish). But if your older than 12 and want a challenging game that takes a long time to master but will give you months of intense, ever-changing game play (no 2 games are ever alike), then Battlefield 3 should certainty be on your wish list. I used to play video games every day of my life when I was 14. Now as I grow older childish things must be put aside. However as a 19 year old I played Battlefield 2 for months and never grew tired of it (thanks for giving me the game Horowitz). It was the best game I’ve played since MW1. It is impressive (to myself) that I could become as engrossed in a game at 19 as I could when I was 14 when I had two completely different sets of priorities (porn and 9th grade vs. actual girls and college). I am going to buy Battlefield 3 because at this junction in my life it is the only video game that can actually give me a thrill (sometimes Madden too…see my post about EA sports). I may be growing out of video games, but thanks to Battlefield 3, I can hang on for a little bit longer.


…and if my opinion still isn’t good enough for you, watch this preview asshole.

…and so you can’t say I’m bias, here is a MW3 preview too.

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