Pats TE Drops The “Ball” (and his pants) With Pornstar Bibi Jones

Now I know that professional football players get with chicks that us normal guys can only fantasize about, but DAMN! Ron Gronkowski must of had one hell of a bye-week to end up on the internet with porn star Bibi Jones posing in his jersey. Since every other major media source is talking about it, I figure the Daily Quagmire deserves to contribute it’s opinion. I give MAJOR PROPS to Gronknowski (who’s rated as a 91 in madden) for pulling this one off. Looks like Tom Brady doesn’t wear the biggest jockstrap in the locker room anymore. Gronkowski released this statement after the incident…

”I mean, I didn’t intend anything to hurt the reputation of anyone on the New England Patriots or on behalf of Robert Kraft,” Gronkowski said. ”It was a simple picture. That’s all. I’m here now. I’m here to talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers and the big game this weekend.” ”I was not intending to hurt anyone or ruin the reputation of the New England Patriots in any way,” Gronkowski said again. ”It’s a great organization here, a great football program I can’t wait to get out to practice and get focused on the Pittsburgh Steelers because that’s all I’m worried about. that’s all I care about.”

…Personally I think you should never have to apologize for having swag big Gronny boy. But hey, that’s just one guys opinion. Bibi Jones on the other hand, is riding this media train just like she rode Gronkowski. After receiving plenty of attention from ESPN, Fox sports, and every other jealous hater, she tweeted this…

“Holy fuck…Espn, fox sports, msn, and etc. Damn! Didn’t know it was that big of a deal..I just can’t be kept away from athletes c**k”! :)”        

(I don’t wanna write that word cause this blog is still for class)

Bibi has a lot of controversy surrounding her. It is rumored that she had sexual relations with at least 10 MLB players in 2010 in order to get them to sign with her sports agent friend. Sounds like a steamy sex scandal involving porn stars and famous athletes! Or maybe she just loves c**k. All I know is that if this is not the most compelling news story you’ve heard all day, your crazy man.


Word of the day: Swagkowski


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