This Just In! You Don’t Control Your Own Life….Your Cellphone Does!

I wonder what would happen if every cellphone owned by every girl in every sorority on the University of Delaware Campus spontaneously combusted? Well according to this infographic on; a nuclear holocaust. Ok, maybe that’s a little extreme but I don’t think the UD campus would be a very happy place. This infographic (which I guess is a word Brobible is making real) reveals some pretty shocking statistics. Such as 94% of college students text errrday, 75% of college students NEVER let their phone leave their side, and 58% of college students are never satisfied with the phone they have (goddamn Iphone 4s).Other interesting statistics include the fact that 23% of smartphone owners use it to look at porn, 88% of students text in class, nearly 80% of college students see texting as extremely important in building romantic relationships and maintaining friendships, 25% of students “sext”, 50% of students creep on their significant others text history, and the list goes on and on. How cellphones (and mainly smartphones) have taken over our lives in the past 20 years is insane. To think that ten years ago you could find plans on friday night without sending out a single text is mind blowing. We pity older generations for not being involved in the smartphone/social networking craze that has consumed our generation, but truly they should be pitying us. I feel that the social life of todays youth is much more superficial than it was when our grandparents were our age. Genuine communication has been reduced to text messaging and twitter status updates. I’m not saying our generation isn’t socially skilled, I’m saying that social interaction isn’t as authentic as it used to be. If you couldn’t use a cellphone for an entire year, how many parties do you think you would miss? How many friends would you lose touch with? How alone would you feel? Our cellphones run our lives, not the other way around.

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  1. How many times have I said just that? Your generation has NO social skills. It’s only texting or e-mail. When confronted with a real live human being, you become tongue tied.


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