Other Pro Sports NBA Stars Should Consider

With no end to the NBA lockout in sight, many superstars have gotten into the habit of making surprise appearances at random basketball courts across America (it’s true, just watch this SICK Jordan commercial). In a surprisingly swagtastic move, Kevin Durant (who started the trend of surprise appearances) showed up at OSU to play a flag football game with some college dudes after they responded to his tweet asking to play. This made me think about that sick Lebron commercial from a couple years ago when he retires from basketball to play for the Cleveland Browns (in retrospect, that wouldn’t of been such a terrible move, eh Lebron?). And eventually that made me think about a sport and team that every NBA superstar should consider playing for during this lockout. So instead of tweeting around for pickup football games Durant, why don’t you just tryout for the quarterback desperate Washington Redskins? You’ve got the height and speed (he threw 4 TD’s in that pickup game); I see the potential for you to be a hybrid between Tom Brady and Michael Vick. Here’s a list of some other good fits for our favorite NBA players…

Dwight Howard: Goalie, Tampa Bay Lightning. I’m under the impression that the best goalie in hockey is the one who can take up the most space in the goal and nobody takes up more space than Dwight Howard. And who wouldn’t wanna see a 7’0 beast on ice skates? I bet he’s rather graceful.

Kobe Bryant: Forward, Italian National Team. Kobe lived in Italy as a child so I’m sure he probably played some soccer, right? Either way I think it would be a lot cooler to see Kobe scoring goals then playing for some scrub Italian Basketball team.

Amar’e Stoudemire: Designated Hitter, New York Yankees. How could it hurt the yanks to have a 6’10, 240 pounder in the middle of their lineup. Even better is that he is a switch hitter ( I think) and with that short porch in right field you can’t say Cashman hasn’t already considered this….

Carmelo Anthony: Professional Golfer. Golf needs a new Tiger Woods and although Melo is the farthest thing from that, he misses enough shots as it is. So if the hole is really small now he has a legitimate excuse.

Rajon Rondo: Pitcher, Boston Red Sox. This could be done solely as a diversion for Bostonians to forget about the total disarray the Red Sox have fallen into. The logic behind this is that all Rondo does is pass the ball so now he can have a job where that’s his only duty.

Derrick Rose: Professional Bullrider. Rose has already personified a Bull thanks to Adidas, now let’s see what it’s like when the boots on the other foot. This is oozing with Irony.

Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, & Lebron James: Any position on the Miami Dolphins. Your telling me that these guys wouldn’t be better than half the players on the 0-7 Dolphins roster? Bosh (the human teredactyl) could be that big play wide receiver (with a lot of key drops). Wade would probably be a dirty cornerback with crazy ups, & LBJ could be kicker and shank every game winning field goal.



Leave your comments with other sports NBA players should be considering.

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