Damn It Feels Good To Be A Giants Fan

Sorry if you were driving near me yesterday afternoon going south on I-95 because my driving was atrocious. It’s not because I had two beers and hit the bong before I left to go back to school, but because I was tuned in to WFAN660 listening to Big Blue give Tom Brady the business. Listening to football on the radio really sucks because your at the mercy of the announcers to understand what is actually going on in the game. But these guys could of been speaking Portuguese and I still would of been losing my shit because this game proved two very important things to me. 1. Despite all the haters (Cowboys, Redskins, Eagles, overly- pompous Jet fans, and everybody on FOX NFL Sunday Countdown except Michael Strahan) the Giants are the best team in the NFC (pending week 10 and 13 match ups with the 49ers and Packers…which I expect them to win). I know this to be true because nobody rushes the passer as well as the G-men (league leading 28 sacks) and when the secondary can take advantage of quarterbacks who are scared shitless (when’s the last time Brady had 3 turnovers in 1 quarter?) we can make any passer look like Tim Tebow. Combine that vicious defense with a highly potent offense that grows offensive weapons in the fertile meadowland swamps outside the stadium (Matrix style) and you have a force to be reckoned with. 2. ELI MANNING IS AN ELITE QUARTERBACK…I repeat….ELI MANNING IS AN ELITE QUARTERBACK. I have been saying that shit since his amazing Superbowl run but everybody just wrote it off as a fluke and continued to call him a 12 year old boy. Although I still agree with the ladder, if you do not think he is a top 10 quarterback in the NFL you are a total asshole or a Jets fan (who think Sanchez is the second coming of Namath and would let him fondle their children any day of the week). What more does the man have to do to prove to you that he is a pre-pubescent Peyton? Over four thousand yards and thirty touchdowns last season, fifth in the league in QB rating and TD’s (behind only Stafford, Brees, Brady, & Rodgers), and seventh in yards this season. Fewer picks than Rivers, Brees, Brady, Rothlisberger, Vick, Romo, and Sanchize; yet all those guys are generally viewed as more desirable players to have than Eli. Why? Eli has done more than enough to be considered a great quarterback in this league. He’s an all american winning machine who hasn’t posted a losing season as a starting quarterback. Oh, did I also mention he is the most consistent starting quarterback in this league, not missing a start in his whole career (how many have you missed 7 year contract Vick, Raplisberger, playoff Cutler, glass bones Stafford?). Eli would never bail on his team for an entire season like his brother, he would wobble onto the field in crutches, throw four touchdowns, scramble for a rushing touchdown, then take a seat on the bench and eat his lunchables. He doesn’t fumble snaps in key situations (Eh Rivers?). He doesn’t need to pull a Rapelisberger to get his nut (but most guys don’t need to get their nut until they hit puberty anyway). He doesn’t even need Hakeem Nicks and Ahmad Bradshaw to beat the best quarterback in the league (who he RIGHTFULLY compared himself to). Next week we face the 49ers and I expect nothing less than to see Alex Smith leave the field in a gurney and watch Tom Coughlin pimp smack Jim Harbaugh during the post-game handshake. Eli will throw a couple TD’s, maybe Victor Cruz will hop on his jet pack and catch a ball headed for the San Francisco bay, Justin Tuck will sit on Frank Gore’s face until he suffocates, and once again it will feel damn good to be a Giants Fan.


"Yo next time I wanna assf**k a Brady I'll just hit up Giselle"


  1. even after a last minute comeback, and a great win ESPN is dissin Eli. A good win over a not elite team. worst defense in league. while you and I know how good Eli is, untill he wins 2 more SB’s he will always play 2nd fiddle to his big brother. It’s a shame


  2. i don’t care how bad the pat’s d is it’s hard for any quarterback to drive down the field and score a game winning td with less than 2 minutes left right after the pats took all the momentum by scoring. Great quarterbacks rise to the occassion and eli is a very clutch quarterback and there’s nobody else I would rather have on my team


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