Unhappy Valley

At the risk of this becoming a sports blog, I would like to address the situation going on in Penn State involving Joe Paterno and little boys having big problems protecting their happy valleys (think about it). It looks like PSU football has been reading the bible too much because their starting to act like the Catholic Church. In all seriousness, this has to be one of the most disturbing sports related stories in recent memory. In fact, I think this is up there with the steroid era, the 1994 Olympics (Harding & Kerrigan), and Jonathan Papelbon being considered an all-star (One’s that didn’t make the cut: Papelbon’s lip quiver, Tebowing, Derek Fisher as the head of the NBPA, John Daly’s career, drunk Raider fans, the T.Ocho show, pix messages of Favre’s shlong, and Stuart Scott’s eye). What makes this story so tragic is that it will tarnish the brilliant career of one of the greatest coaches in the history of sport. Yes, I refuse to believe Joe Paterno had no idea what was going on IN HIS OWN LOCKER ROOM with his defensive coordinator. I don’t care if Jerry Sandusky is your best friend in the whole world, there are few acts a man can commit that are more sickening than molesting little boys. Paterno is just as guilty as everybody else who covered this scandal up, and should resign immediately before he damages his legacy even further. Despite all Paterno’s accomplishments as a head coach in football, his name will now be synonymous with pedophilia. Is it fair to Paterno? No, it’s not his fault that Sandusky is a sick bastard, BUT HE DIDN’T DO ENOUGH. He heard about inappropriate happenings between Sandusky and little boys, and reported it to school administrators; who simply decided to cover it up (at the expense of 8 innocent young boys). That’s the equivalent of witnessing a rape, telling a police officer who decides to do nothing, and then shrugging it off and saying “well I did my part, can’t do anything about it now”. It reminds me of how the world chose to ignore the holocaust because it was too horrific to face that reality. Paterno knew what happened, and did nothing about it. I used to really like the guy, but now I cannot look at him in a positive light. He is just as guilty as anybody else involved in the cover up and should face legal consequence. I think the only reason the press hasn’t attacked him the way they would for almost any other person is because of his status at Penn State. Not only is he a god among men, but he is a humble old guy, soft spoken, harmless, kind of reminds you of your grandpa. In our minds it’s almost hard to dislike the guy, and some people have gone as far as to say that Joe Pa was probably unaware of the whole situation because he’s a senile old man. That is complete bullshit, the man is guilty of covering up pedophilia, I don’t care if he reminds you of Santa Claus, or Uncle Sam, or Blue from Old School (YOUR MY BOY BLUE!). Because if he threw on a blue robe and a walker, he would look like herbert, the creepy old dude in Family Guy. There is not going to be any happy ending to this story. Paterno’s legacy just took an enormous hit that will stick with him long after he is gone. It is a shame that this had to happen to such a beloved sports figure, but compared to the sexual, physical, and mental abuse that will haunt those boys for the rest of their lives (abused children are highly likely to develop serious mental issues and are commonly institutionalized), I could really care less about Joe Paterno. You did it to yourself Joe, and you will get everything that you deserve.




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