Unhappy Valley Cont.

This is a really great picture that is my entire “Unhappy Valley” post in a nutshell. Props to the crafty photoshopper.



UPDATE 12:36am (November 10th): Joe Paterno has been fired and mother fuckers are rioting at Penn State and that’s awesome! I’ll hit you guys with more info when the smoke has cleared but in terms of sports history, this is a pretty monumental day and I really wish I could be there and witness it.

Update 12:43am: Wow I couldn’t of been more wrong I just turned on Sportscenter and that so called “riot” looks more like a bridal shower. Like 60 kids are standing outside bitching about Joe Pa but I guess the rest of PSU read my blog and agreed that Joe Pa is guilty as sin and deserved to be fired. This will totally get my blog a shitload of publicity! Remember where you heard it first guys.

One comment

  1. Not really a riot! Just stupid students using any opportunity to gather! As for the students supporting Jo PA, ask them 10 or 15 years from now, when they have children of their own how they would have reacted. What about McQuery, why has he not been fired? Worse than Paterno, he actually witnesed Sandusky molest a child. Why didn’t he smash his skull in right then and there? I say fire the entire coaching staff, all the board of trustees, wipe the slate clean, forget about the rest of the football season, don’t come back till this is over!!!! I know that will never happen. As we have seen, Penn State football is more important than the welfare of little boys.


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