Weekly Giants Update

Ok, so this week it didn’t feel so damn good to be a Giants fan. I predicted that the Giants would beat the 49ers and I was wrong; and I am man enough to own up to that. However, as far as losses go this wasn’t such a terrible one. I really only caught the fourth quarter of this game but I was impressed with what I saw from big blue. Yes Eli threw a pick right after the 49ers took the lead off a Vernon Davis TD, but I attribute that INT more to Manningham inexplicably giving up on the route than I do to Eli. Then on the very next play the 49ers score another TD to take a 27-13. Now the Giants could of given up and called it quits, but Eli instead leads his team right back down the field to make it 27-20 (that’s what the #1 4th quarter passer does!). After a nice stand by the Giants D, Eli gets the ball back and leads his team back into the 49ers redzone on a drive that had Giants fans biting their nails the whole time. However, Eli and the G-men fell short after failing to convert on a fourth down pass that was tipped by a 49ers linemen. It was a tough loss on the road to a very good team. This is no reason to lose any faith in the Giants because every other team in their division has proven to be mediocre at best. The Giants are still the team to beat in the NFC east and will soon move to 7-3 after they embarrass Philly next sunday night (yes that’s my prediction). For all of you who were disappointed with the Giants yesterday, just think of how it feels to be an Eagles or Jets fan….


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