Doctor Spyz

Ever had those sudden realizations that you’ve been acting like a total asshole? That happened to me today. I’ve been an asshole for awhile on purpose and now I realize how wack that was. I owe a few people some apologies cause I’ve been acting like a pissed off schoolgirl. I think sometimes we question other people before we question ourselves. It’s important to be introspective before your “outrospective”, because if you don’t you can end up coming off like a total douche. Your actions affect a lot of people everyday even if you fail to realize it. It’s important to take a few minutes at the end of your day and view your day from a total third person point of view. That is something I have to work on and maybe you need to work on it too. There’s like four dudes in the other room right now who think I’m a total asshole and you know what, I agree with them. Now apologizing and getting shit on is gonna suck even more, but I deserve it. Before you act like an asshole tomorrow, think about how you would think of yourself if you were watching yourself…if that makes sense.

One comment

  1. i would like an apology from Montreal cause you were a total douche and ripped my “$140” shirt. haha
    anyway great post. this made my day


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