Random Late Night Thoughts

As I lay here at 1:55am many thoughts race threw my head, I’d like to share some with you in hopes that if I can get them out of me I will finally fall asleep….

It’s really fucking hot in my room.

Why is Derek Fisher president of the NBPA?

The guys who make South Park are gonna end the show pretty soon.

The Matrix would of been amazing if not for Keanu Reeves.

Conan O’Brien isn’t THAT funny.

People never return emails anymore.

I hate Jermichael Finely.

Guys should utilize their eskimo brothers more.

Why aren’t their eskimo sisters?

I will never see the Knicks win a championship.

What’s the point of waking up at 7am to drink?

Every once in awhile you get a good milkshake.

Leonardo Di’Caprio sounds like a character in a Shakespeare play.

Cars>Bikes>Longboards>Rollerskates>>Hoverounds….except this one

Tom Cruz is cooler than Tom Cruise.

Victor Cruz is cooler than both of them.

I really wanna see the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade this year.

There is nothing worse than Ilrns.


Remember the Doug Funny theme song?

This is a sick prank on Best Buy

Tyler the Creator is sick in this music video…

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