My Take On Tebow

All this story does is prove how weird Bronco’s fans are. Nobody called Tyree “Moses” after he caught a ball on his helmet so why is Tim Tebow drawing biblical comparisons? If anybody should be considered Jesus in the NFL it’s Alex Smith because it’s a miracle that he’s winning games. However, Tebow is one of the more intriguing fella’s to come into the NFL in recent memory. I actually do like him (mainly because he beat the Jets) despite the fact that he was nearly aborted and is as emotional as the prom queen. American’s respect a winner even if that winner reminds you of the kid in school with the high pitched voice who was too insecure to come out of the closet (you know who you are). I hope Tebow keeps on Tebowing (Tebowing: To never learn how to accurately throw a football but somehow win games by scrambling because defenses still haven’t figured out that your the only white quarterback in the NFL who will run) and I hope he keeps praying after every TD/INT like he’s mourning the death of his puppy. However, I doubt a quarterback who can’t actually play quarterback will last that much longer in the NFL. Think twice before you ruin your Tebow jersey by putting “Jesus” on it. However, if you were dumb enough to buy a Tebow jersey to begin with, then your probably beyond salvation.


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