Bold Prediction of the Week


You heard it here first

UPDATE Sunday 12/4 11:35pm: Ok so I was wrong BUT not by much. This had to be the closest game the Packers have had all season and although this is a painful loss you had to be impressed by the way the G-men were able to come back from last weeks embarrassment. Unfortunately we left Rodgers enough time to march down the field after tying the game thanks to an atrocious effort by our secondary. I’m not wavering in my belief that the Giants will make the playoffs because we are still only a game back of the Cowboys (thanks to Larod Stephens-Howling) and we get to play them next weekend. It is a must win game for the G-men, but the good news is that we are a much better team than the Cowboys. I expect a Giants win (even though I’ve expected them for the past 4 weeks) and if they don’t, Tom Coughlin will more than likely be fired at seasons end for allowing another second half collapse. That’s the reality right now Giants fans so put this tough loss behind you and pray that the team who showed up today to play the Packers is the team that shows up next sunday in Dallas.

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