Finally I Get To Blog About The Knicks

Because of the NBA lockout and the lack of basketball related news, I haven’t had the opportunity to express my undying love for the New York Knicks…until now. I’m not one of those bandwagon Knicks fans who didn’t watch a single game during the years the Knicks played like a JV basketball team. No, I suffered through the Stephen Marbury, Isiah Thomas, Zach Randolph, Channing Frye, Steve Francis, Tracy Mcgrady, Renaldo Balkman, and Eddy motherfucking Curry years. My first Knicks game was on March 6th 2007 against the Seattle Supersonics at the garden. It was an amazing game that saw Marbury drop 40 points, but with the Knicks up 98-97, Rashard Lewis buried a shot from downtown putting the Sonics up 100-98 with 5 seconds left in the game. Marbury then gets the ball, drives down court and gets fouled going to the basket. He calmly sinks the first free throw, and then (in typical Knicks fashion) misses the second, GAME OVER, and now Marbury lives in China. My favorite Knick was Nate Robinson, and I watched all the dunk contests as if they were the NBA finals (because Knicks fans had nothing else to be proud of). I remember screaming and jumping like a madman on December 15th of 2010 when Amare drained a half court shot against the Boston Celtics to win the game (and then I remember cursing out my television unmercifully when the ref’s declared that the clock had expired and the shot didn’t count). I remember exactly where I was when I found out that Carmelo had been traded to the Knicks (rushing AEPi). And I remember Jared Jeffries losing that game for us in the playoffs when he let Kevin Garnett’s monkey hands poke that ball away. But all of that is neither here nor there, because it’s a new season, and a great fucking time to be a Knicks fan (finally). This may be the first season in nearly 10 years where the Knicks are being seen as a legitimate contender. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! According to….

Chris Paul‘s agent has told the New Orleans Hornets that Paul will not sign a contract extension and wants to be traded to the New York Knicks, Yahoo! Sports has reported, citing league sources.”

OHHHHHH SHIIIIT. This season is gonna be real interesting. I see the Knicks, Bulls, and Heat being the top three teams in the east because the Celtics are old and fading (& Rondo is trash), the Magic are a one man show, and who gives a shit about the Atlanta Hawks. Melo and Stat will be swishing and dishing all season long, I see Landry having a sophomore explosion (unless Jamal Crawford reprises his role on the team), and a battery of Billups and Toney Douglas will be solid at PG (until Paul drops in). If we could only get that french bastard Ronny Turiaf to play like a big-man, and have somebody convince D’antoni to coach defense, we would go all the way. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention first round draft pick Iman Shumpert, who I think will suprise a lot of people this season (I trust Donny Walsh and it’s a shame he’s no longer with the team). As far as the Paul situation, unless a third (or even fourth team) wants to jump in, I don’t see the Knicks having the pieces necessary to trade for CP3 this season, and I would hate to see the Knicks jump the gun and give up too much to get him when they could just wait till the offseason (which is what they should of done with Melo, thanks a lot Dolan) . But rest assured Knicks fans, Paul will be rocking the blue and orange in the near future. Jews usually don’t have much of a reason to look forward to Christmas day, but this year at 12pm I’ll be waking up, turning on TNT, and watching my Knicks take on the Boston Celtics at the garden. If that’s not enough, Charles Barkley and  SHAQUILLE O’NEAL will be doing the play-by-play (Shaq’s announcing debut). If that’s not the best Christmas present you’ve ever gotten, your not a true Knicks fan.


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