Sports News

Tyson will bite your ear off for a rebound

Real men don’t demand to be traded because they can’t win, they finish what they started

I’d rather watch sea lions mate than watch Tim Tebow play quarters 1-3 of an NFL game

Must suck to live in St. Louis

The Heat are awesome!

If I was a Met’s fan, I’d be glad that this douche is gone

This guy would never do steroids

Still don’t care about college football

you mad bro?


Dan Bailey should be on a Smirnoff commercial


The Packers won't win shit with Jermichael Finley, thanks for losing me my fantasy season, what kind of retard puts "jer" before their first name, your moms a whore

Who needs Howard or Paul when this stud is dropping 16pts in his preseason debut (albeit against the Nets)

It wouldn’t be right to finish without Tebow, unlike ESPN I only mentioned him twice…

"Fuckin right I'm gonna beat the Pats this sunday"

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