Homeland & Boardwalk

So since winter break has been pretty weak, I was able to finish the second season of Boardwalk Empire AND watch the entire first season of Homeland (on Showtime) in less than a week (thank god for On Demand). First things first. Boardwalk had an amazing season with the worst ending I’ve ever seen. WHY WOULD THEY KILL THE BEST CHARACTER IN THE SHOW? I honestly didn’t think Jimmy Darmody (however you spell his last name) was going to die until Nucky gave his lame finishing speech “I AM NOT SEEKING FORGIVENESS” and put one right in Jimmy’s forehead. Jimmy was by far the coolest and most badass motherfucker on that show; not to mention my favorite character. The one-liners Jimmy dropped before he murdered fools would put Samuel L. Jackson to shame; but now he’s off the show. It’s a bad way to end an amazing season that saw Nucky get out of trouble AGAIN, Jimmy bang out (and then try and kill) his mom, and the Commodore die. Nucky has become my least favorite character on the show because it is clear that he doesn’t give a shit about anybody but himself and only cares about being the boss and counting his money. I also wish they would of killed that annoying bitch Margaret, but that’s just me.

Homeland is a new series on Showtime about terrorism! It’s centered around Marine Sargent Nick Brodey, (Dick WInters from Band of Brothers) a returning POW from Iraq who a bipolar CIA agent named Carrie (Claire Daines) suspects has turned against his country while being held in Iraq for 8 years and is now working for Alqaeda and planning on carrying out a terrorist plot in America! I won’t give away the whole show for anybody because it’s worth watching for yourself. However, after just watching the whole season in a matter of days this is what I think…

1) Nick “Bro”dey is my new Jimmy Darmody

2) The CIA does not fuck around when it comes to terrorism

3) Claire Daines plays the best psycho chick on TV since Sarah Palin

Comparing Boardwalk with Homeland is tough because it’s like comparing CSI with The Soprano’s. There two different types of shows. Boardwalk is about crime while Homeland is about government. I personally find Boardwalk to be a better show because I find crime fascinating and I find the 1920’s fascinating (and alcohol, prohibition, the KKK, jewish gangsters, and Chalky White). I don’t usually watch shows about law enforcement and government because any show that tries to mimic the American government I always think is false and misleading and is probably propaganda for the government in and of itself. Cynicism aside, Homeland is one hell of a mindfuck for it’s viewers that will leave you asking questions until the ending credits. It’s quickly becoming the hottest show on TV that I’m sure will be viewed by millions of more people before season 2 drops next fall. In a country full of turmoil, Homeland is the perfect show for TV because it permeates our darkest fears in a way that is so sublime, you’ll feel guilty you enjoyed it. And to think it was based off a TV show from Israel….

SIDE NOTE: Chalky White has been casted in Tarantino’s “Jdango Unchained”, set to open next Christmas.

...Jimmy bangs his mom


Brodey & Carrie

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