So You Say Ron Artest Is Crazy, Eh?

If you don’t think there’s a couple screws loose in Metta World Peace’s head, then your probably not the brightest candle on the menorah. First off, HIS FUCKING NAME IS METTA WORLD PEACE. When Ron was asked, “hey,why the change?” he said he wanted to “inspire and bring youth together from all around the world”. How exactly does a Laker’s jersey bearing “world peace” on the back accomplish that? I have no idea, but I’m certain the warped mind of Artest (or World Peace, or whatever fuck you) has the answer. That same warped mind also brought us this gem….

Wow, baby teeth. What more is there to say? I wonder if Dahmer ever thought about his baby teeth while he was eating human corpses. The big question on my mind now is what is Metta World Peace’s legacy; the palace brawl, or baby teeth? Thanks for the video.


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