The Giants Tynes To Shine

Did you know it’s only 600 miles from Delaware to Indianapolis? That’s like a 10 hour drive to watch the New York Football Giants take on the New England Patriots in the best Superbowl matchup anybody could of possibly asked for (in new york or new england…with the exception of loser Jet fans). It would be worth the trip if only to sit outside Lucas Oil stadium and watch on the jumbotron as my Giants fight for the chance to be called a dynasty by beating the unquestionable best franchise in NFL history…again. After all, how often is your favorite team is in the biggest game this side of the Atlantic Ocean? Eli has the chance to finally shut up all the doubters and be named an elite quarterback in the NFL. Those Brady comparisons Eli made before the season started don’t seem so foolish now do they? If he can beat Brady yet again I would say with total confidence that he is the best QB in the NFL. Look at it this way: Brady wins a lot; Eli wins a lot; Brady wins Superbowls; Eli wins Superbowls; Eli beats Brady In Superbowl TWICE, Eli is better. Argue that logic bitches and well talk again in 2 weeks.

Shoutout to the MVP for the Giants


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