Spyzguyz @ The Giants Superbowl Parade

The moment the ball hit the turf in the end zone Sunday night and the Giants were crowned Superbowl champs, I knew I was skipping the second day of classes to watch the GMEN take a trip down the famous canyon of heroes Tuesday morning. Any true red-blooded Giants fan should of been in attendance because it’s not every day your team wins the Superbowl (just ask an Eagles fan). The parade was essentially a Giant day drink featuring a complete TP’ing of Broadway, a very entertaining cat fight (below), and a man carrying around a prop Tom Brady head on a spike. I’m very proud of the fact that I came 2ft from high-fiving JPP as he ran down Broadway like a boss amidst a roar of admiration from hundreds of thousands of intoxicated Giants fans. Without further adieu, here is a complete picture slideshow (yes, taken by me with my Canon Coolpix 3000) of the day that was at the Giants Superbowl Parade!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  1. Nice blog, and really good pics. By the way, it’s “ado”, as in Shakespeare’a
    play “Much Ado about Nothing”, and not “adieu” which is French for hello or goodbye


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