Can’t Get Enough Odd Future?

The crazy thing about the world today is that there are many ways to be successful. For example, Kate Upton (who probably could of coasted through life on her good looks regardless of her profession), first got attention as a model on the internet, not fashion magazines. She didn’t even have to strut that amazing body down a runway to become an international supermodel. Now she’s the freaking cover girl for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue! Oh, by the way she’s 18. Social Media has become so big that you can work your way to fame and fortune just by knowing how to properly utilize a computer (which is the driving force behind this blog). Another notable rags to riches story born on the world wide web is Odd Future’s. If you don’t know who they are by now you clearly don’t follow my blog and therefore I don’t like you (check out this blog for more info on OFWGKTA). The great thing about an internet-born band is that the web is teeming with lots of awesome Odd Future video’s. I have found a couple that I think kick ass and I think you’ll like them too. Golfwang.

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