I Really Wanna Go To Bonnaroo 2012

In an attempt to stop blogging about sports (which is hard to do when you have Linsanity), I decided to obsess over this years lineup for Bonnaroo which I came across while surfing the web during public speaking (which shouldn’t be a class). Brobible has all the info about this years festival including a nifty promotion by ESPN’s John Andersen . However allow me to introduce some of the standouts that I wanna be in the front row for come this June 7th-10th. Tickets go on sale February 18th bitches.

Lineup: Radiohead, RHCP, Phish, The Beach Boys (seriously), The Shins, Foster the People, Skrillex, Dispatch, Aziz Ansari (idk why), Dispatch, The Roots, Ludacris, Ben Folds Five, Mac Miller, The Kooks, and many more that I didn’t feel like listing because there a bunch of hipster indy underground bands that you wouldn’t listen to unless your some pompous asshole who wears a beanie 365 days of the year with black rim glasses and hangs out in coffee shops reading trendy underground fashion magazines and was probably born in some weird backwards state like Iowa or North Dakota.

The only thing missing from this lineup is Odd Future.

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