Baseball is Coming….

My dad likes to say at the end of every baseball season (the end of the baseball season being whenever the Yanks are prematurely knocked out of the playoffs)”hey, only 3 months until pitchers and catchers report”. When the Giants won the Superbowl he said “hey, only a couple weeks until pitchers and catchers report”. When the Honduras prison fire claimed 359 lives he said “hey, less than a week until pitchers and catchers report”. Well guess what dad, pitchers and catchers reported yesterday! It’s been so great to be a New York sports fan lately that baseball has flown under the radar. But pretty soon the smell of fresh cut grass and pine tar will be in the air as a new baseball season fast approaches. The start of the baseball season differs from the opening day of all other sports because football, hockey, and basketball start in the fall…as the world is dying. Baseball starts in the spring as the world comes back to life. When I think of opening day I think of the greenest grass and the bluest skies; I think of the organ playing classic ballpark tunes and B-52’s doing stadium flyovers because opening day is not the time for air raids. Baseball is unquestionably American because nothing warms the cockles of a red-blooded American like the first pitch on opening day. If the Superbowl is the Christmas of the sporting world than Opening day is Easter; the rebirth of sports. We may not watch every game of the baseball season but we know that it’s there and that it’s being played every spring afternoon and every summer night and I find that comforting. Baseball simply runs deeper than any other sport. We are emotionally connected to baseball in a way that wouldn’t make sense for any other sport. People say it’s because baseball is America’s pastime but I don’t think that explains it. It’s because baseball is like life: It’s long, sometimes boring, and full of failures. However, there are those rare moments of success. Those doubles with runners in scoring position, the game-winning single, the walk-off grand slam…We go through our days waiting for those moments. Sometimes we get to second base but can’t score. Other times we get caught stealing. All we can do is dust the dirt off our pants, head back to the bench and wait for our next big chance; our next at-bat, our next opportunity. That is why baseball is America’s pastime.

All that being said, here is what’s going on with the only team in baseball that matters, the NEW YORK YANKEES.

Starting Rotation: CC, Nova, Pineda, Kuroda, Garica/Hughes

C: Martin, Cervelli/Romine 1B: Texiera 2B: Cano, Nunez 3B: Rodriguez, Nunez SS: Jeter, Nunez/Pena LF: Gardner, Ibanez/Jones CF: Granderson, Jones RF: Swisher, Ibanez DH: Ibanez, Nunez, Pena, Jones

Bullpen: Chamberlain, Feliciano, Garica/Hughes, Logan, Soriano, Wade, Robertson, Rivera

-today the Yanks acquired Rual Ibanez, the lefty thirty-something year old slugger from the Phillies (2011: .245, 20HR, 85RBI), to play DH


-Posada retired

-Expect Eduardo Nunez to have a breakout season

-Expect Jeter and Arod to get alot more days at DH

-Expect Robinson Cano to continue his MVP caliber play

-the pitching rotation isn’t ideal, but is an improvement from last season. Pineda (who we acquired from Seattle) is young and has a lot of talent (2011: 3.74 ERA, 9-10, 173K) and Kuroda may be old and Japanese, but has always been a serviceable starter (2011: 3.07ERA, 13-16, 161K).







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