MLB’s Braun Couldn’t Keep Ryan Out

So Ryan Braun is innocent eh? The NL MVP won his appeal yesterday much to the chagrin of Bud Selig and Co. My question is; how could major league baseball fuck this up so badly? This isn’t Arena Football or some other half assed sports league, this is Major League Baseball and mishandled drug tests shouldn’t happen. The biggest issue with this whole fiasco is that is raises more questions than it answers. I believe Ryan Braun didn’t take PED’s but just because his sample wasn’t taken to a lab immediately, how does that trigger a false positive? I’m not a doctor but I don’t understand how high levels of testosterone can magically materialize in Braun’s piss while it was sitting in the fridge of some jerk-off in Wisconsin. Braun deserved to win the appeal because his drug test wasn’t properly handled but that doesn’t prove his piss was clean. Also, does this not bring into question the whole MLB drug testing program? A program that has “supposedly” become the toughest in all of professional sports now looks like a wrinky-dink operation. I mean, the guy who failed to send Braun’s test to MLB labs did so because “it was late on a Saturday afternoon and the FedEx store was about to close”. Your telling me one of the wealthiest sports leagues in the world is relying on FedEx to handle their MVP’s drug tests? Once again, THIS ISN’T THE ARENA FOOTBALL LEAGUE. MLB should have flown a jet up to Wisconsin just to secure Braun’s piss and bring it to the labs. But instead they brought the life’s work of one of their most promising rising stars into question. Who’s to say that similar practices didn’t occur with the tests of other notable MLB players. The reason I think Braun is innocent is because unlike other MLB players who rolled over and admitted to using PED’s, Braun pursued his appeal very aggressively and made history by being the first man to win an appeal with MLB. And talk about a chip on his shoulder, I’d loom out for Braun to repeat as league MVP, just to silence any skeptics. In fact, the only way to fix the damage the MLB has done to his legacy is to go out and put up even bigger numbers than last year. Then, when he wins MVP he should call a press conference and announce that he has been having an affair with Bud Selig’s wife all season and he has pictures to prove it. Talk about an anti-drug commercial. Braun would go into the history books next to Jesus Christ as men who have been wrongfully persecuted. Bud Selig, my heart goes out to you. It’s gonna be awhile before this shit storm clears for you. The only good news is that a new baseball season is right around the corner. The smart thing for you to do would be not to appeal the arbitrators decision and drag this out even further. Admit defeat and lets get back to whats important, playing some baseball.

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