Odd Future Philadelphia

Posting this video because I WAS AT THE ODD FUTURE PHILADELPHIA SHOW FIRDAY NIGHT AND IT WAS FUCKING RADICAL. I’m dying to see them again in concert already, it was that good of a show. After seeing Tyler so many times on videos online it was mesmerizing to be ten feet from him. The moshing was insane and the two fights that I saw where very entertaining (and provoked by Tyler and Hodgy). It was also surprising to me how natural it felt to give OF the middle finger as they performed. It’s almost as if we flipped the bird in honor of them. The only regrets I have about the show were losing my ticket because we showed up about an hour late and not being able to buy any OF gear because they had nothing in a medium. However, still an amazing show, amazing group, amazing album, and tuning in adult swim tonight at 11:30pm to watch the premiere of their amazing show ‘Loiter Squad”

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