Spring Ache

Spring Break is like a right of passage if your a college student. Made famous by playboy videos, images of wet t-shirt contests and sandy florida beaches infused with alcohol and overall raunchy behavior flood my mind as I write this. However, I’m nowhere near a wet t-shirt contest or a beach for that matter. I’m sitting in my parents living room looking out the window at the grey New Jersey sky watching the Kansas UNC game, fantasizing about these things. I am yet to be baptized in spring break waters, and I won’t be this spring break either. Many people I know are down in Miami, Panama City, and Cancun right now…but not me. I didn’t want to spring for the $1500 it would of taken to be thrown in a crappy Panama City hotel room and be given a wristband giving me access to every bottle of alcohol in the city. But it’s okay, i’m not angry that i’m not partying my face off this week with half of the college nation (ok, I’m a little angry), because I thought I needed a break from partying. I thought after basically eight weeks of never coming home and going out four nights a week, a nice week long break is just what the doctor ordered. Well, I’ve been home less than twenty four hours and i’m already bouncing off the walls (and blogging again). Next week when I’m back at school I’ll look back on this time fondly as a period when I could jus simply relax and do nothing, but right now I hate it. I don’t think I’m alone in having the desire to be entertained 24/7-365, but it’s seriously an issue my whole generation has. I wish I could appreciate this down time but I just can’t. I want my Xbox (which I chose to leave at school for no good reason), I want a case of natty, I want to watch a wet t-shirt contest, hell I’d be willing to just watch a new episode of Californication. Anything to keep me entertained for just a couple of minutes. Do I regret not trying to make spring break plans? Yes and no. I have two more years to experience spring break (since ALOT more juniors and seniors do spring break anyway), and I can use this time to apply for summer internships, work out, eat right, and spend time with my family (something none of us ever seem to do enough). But at the same time there is a part of me aching to be elsewhere. But I guess that it just the mentality we have all adopted after we have left the house for over a year. Our lives have branched out and to many of us home is becoming more of a state of mind than a physical place. Right now I would feel right at home on a Panama City beach but instead I sit in my living room staring out the window. 

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