Why Kim Kardashian is the smartest woman in the world

Since Kim Kardashian is trying to #breaktheinternet, I figured I’d help her out with this post. On the surface, its easy for anybody to hate Kim Kardashian. You can hate her for her sex tape,  for what she did to poor Kris Humphries, for marrying the most egotistical rapper on the planet,  for naming her first born daughter North West (seriously?), or for making millions of girls hate their bodies. And believe me, I find it easy to hate her as well.

But she’s also a genius.

The biggest knock against her is that she got famous for doing nothing. But can YOU get famous for doing nothing? No? Me neither, and therefore neither of us are as smart as Kim. Of the hundreds of thousands of businesses and people who leveraged the social media outbreak to their advantage, NOBODY on the planet did it better than Kimye.

As of right now, Kim has over 25 million Twitter followers, thats more than CNN, the NFL, the New York Times, and only 1 million shy of Oprah. She’s trending at least once a week, and every selfie she posts to Instagram (which is daily by the way) has over 500,000 likes within an hour. She is the epitome of a generation Y celebrity.

And you may also think that her sex tape, her marriage, and her latest photo shoot are all reasons to hate her even more. But that means Kim has outsmarted you once again. Her 2007 sex tape with Ray J was like her breakout rookie campaign. She was already a budding star a la Paris Hilton with her show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but that sex tape (a la Paris Hilton) got every bodies attention and brought her to a new level of stardom that only a sex tape can achieve in todays twisted society.

Now, its very hard to follow up a sex tape, many have tried (Tila Tequila, Hulk Hogan, John Edwards) and failed. But Kim did her homework, because she’s smarter than you, and realized that to make a bigger splash, she would have to marry a (somewhat) famous athlete. Sup Kris Humphries?

After emasculating Kris Humphries to a national audience, Kim walked away from the 72-day marriage with half of whatever a middling NBA forward makes and 5 million new Twitter followers. GENUIS.

Then comes the original #breaktheinternet moment. Kim’s “are you fucking kidding me” marriage to arguably the only man that really made sense for her; Kanye West. If you think about it, Kanye is the perfect male counterpart for Kim. He matches her up and down the board in terms of ego, and he allegedly has a sex tape as well. I think they make a cute couple.

Then of course there is, “Bound 2”, the preposterously named child, and now Kim goes full frontal photoshopped for the cover in Paper Magazine and brashly vows to break the internet. Kim is a captain of her industry. Watching her pull the strings of this social media symphony is an art form. She has spun this idea of herself into a TV show, multi-million dollar clothing and beauty product line, and half of anything Kanye owns when she figures out the exciting conclusion to that story.

You can love her, you can hate her, or you can have no opinion towards her whatsoever, just as long as your paying attention.


So go ahead Kim, break the internet, it won’t be the first time and it definitely won’t be the last.


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