Jersey Journal Stories 3/1 – 3/6

I covered the Hudson County Science Fair this week which made me feel two things: 1) My college degree ain’t worth shit 2) Nerds are cooler than I remember. Anyway, since the science fair was covered by my paper I wrote like 15 different stories about it. I’m only gonna share a few because the rest are profiles of the kids who won gold medals. But in case you were wondering, the two kids who won are named Kapil Kanakaraj and Eswar Anandapadmanaban (yes seriously).

Secaucus based Guma Foundation sorts past expectations at casino night fundraiser – 3/5

Secaucus to spend roughly 185k this year removing snow, mayor says – 3/5

Some PATH riders unnerved by Monday’s stabbing; but not giving up their seat – 3/5

The Jersey Journal’s 57th annual Science Fair winners are… – 3/4

***Anandapadmanaban and Kanakaraj!

Jersey City residents speak out against Port Authority’s Cross Harbor Freight proposals – 3/4

**This was a very good story that I don’t think got its fair share of attention

Local teens bring innovative ideas to Hudson County Science Fair – 3/3

Hudson County Science Fair judges impressed by caliber of projects – 3/2

Hoboken Chili and home-brew competition draws huge crowd despite snow – 3/1

*The most Hoboken-type event imaginable.


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