Missed connections

Here is a reasonable way to find true love. Wear an easily distinguishable garment of clothing every day. It could be a brightly colored shirt, an unusual hat, or a green bowtie .

Just as long as it is easy to point out.

Wear this garment of clothing everyday, rain or shine. Then, simply go about living your life. Go to work. Go out to the bar at night. Check out that new exhibit in the museum. Work in your vegetable garden. Just make sure you are wearing your easily distinguishable article of clothing.

When your day is finished, get on the computer and go to Craigslists > Personals > Missed Connections

“I passed you in the aisle at Whole Foods on Tuesday. I was wearing large sunglasses and a sun dress. You were wearing a bright red shirt and picking through the varieties of yogurt. We made eye contact briefly and I felt my heart flutter.”

“You held the door open for me at TD Bank last week. I can’t recall what you were wearing but I remember you had a large grey fedora on. To wear a hat like that takes a man with a lot of confidence. I wrote my number down on a deposit slip and meant to hand it to you while we were waiting in line but there were two people separating us and it would have been awkward. I am 46, divorced, and pleasantly plump. If you remember me and want to get a drink, I’ll be waiting at our TD Bank tomorrow at 6 p.m.”

“I was at Lifetime Fitness this weekend swimming laps when I laid my eyes on you. You were the most gorgeous blond I had ever seen. You began swimming laps in the lane next to mine. Then, after about fifteen minutes, you laid out in the sun on a bench on the opposite side of the pool from me. I can’t remember how long I stared at you, hoping you would make eye contact back. I would of come over to you if not for my wife laying next to me. Now I can’t stop thinking about you. Food has lost its taste and colors seem bland. I hope you see this and respond. I was wearing the orange swimming trunks with a black speedo cap on. I can’t recall the color of your swimsuit, but I remember you had on a green bowtie.”

The most beautiful thing is that these people like you for you. Not the you who changes their behavior to impress other people. Not the you who downs a couple drinks at the bar and gets flirty. Just the you that they saw being you, out in the world. Everybody wants to be liked for being who they are.

Now you can find a mate who you know is compatible. All it takes is a green bowtie.

Thanks B.J. Novak for the inspiration.

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