10 great musical finds on Spotify Discover

There is only one thing I look forward to on Monday, and it isn’t Monday Night Football. In July, Spotify rolled out their awesome “Discover Weekly” playlist. This playlist updates every Monday with 30 new songs that Spotify thinks you might enjoy based on what you have been listening to over the past week.

As Spotify’s Matt Ogle explained to Tech Insider“We look at what you’ve been listening to, and what are the songs playing around these songs that you’ve been jamming on but that we know you haven’t heard yet on Spotify.”

So if your weird like me and listen to a lot of show tunes combined with British pop-rock, you might have THIS gem of a song pop up in your discover weekly playlist.

“We’re trying to find the missing tracks,” Ogle says.

For me, the selection of songs feels like it is carefully curated by another human who has a deep understanding of the music I like. Ogle says that is the idea.

“Discovery can feel like work, and we wanted to feel very human and natural like the selections that are powering it,” Ogle said. Familiar songs will often be guilty pleasures, which is part of the fun, he admits.

And it has been fun to find new songs each week. When I was younger I used to scour Youtube for hours to find cool new music. Now I get it delivered to me every Monday. It allows me to maintain the illusion that I appreciate a wide-range of music without really trying.

Plus, now when I DJ car rides or pregames with friends, I get a lot more ‘oh, I like this song. Whose it by?’ Sadly, I live for those moments.

Not every playlist is a winner, but each week I have found at least 2-3 songs that I enjoy and have made part of my weekly musical repertoire. Here are 10 of the best ones that I hope you enjoy.

That accent kills it. I challenge you to find a song with more Chicago references in it.

If I had an alarm clock that played music, this would be the song I wake up to every morning. Not even a minute and 30 seconds long, this gives me all the energy I need to face the working week.

I have no idea what’s going on in this music video, nor do I know who Big Data or Joywave is. But this song has a solid beat and a great hook.

You might know The Heavy more for THIS song. “Girl” is much cooler. It is equal parts rap and funk-rock, and it is hard not to want to dance to it.

I only knew The Hold Steady for that awesome Game of Thrones cover they do. This song is better. There is also a cool New Yorker profile of lead singer Craig Finn that you should read if you like music or baseball.

“Eventually me and a friend, sorta drifted along into S&M. I can take about an hour on the tower of power, as long as I gets a little golden shower.”

Here is the Spotify profile for Har Mar Superstar: “To put it bluntly, Har Mar Superstar (aka Scott Tillman) is a balding, out-of-shape white man with a pencil thin moustache who croons sex-laden R&B.”

If I had a girlfriend and mixtapes were still a thing, this would be the first song I put on it. Belle & Sebastian can make a romantic song out of anything, even a Giants and Mets game.

If you can only listen to one song by the Violent Femmes, this is a superior option to “Blister in the Sun.”

I know I linked to this song in the beginning, but it is actually that good. It has everything you could want out of a song: William Shatner and William Shatner singing. I mean, who knew William Shatner had a music career? He has a Spotify page where he covers “Rocket Man,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and “Space Oddity,” among others. But this is the best song by far. Enjoy!

There were other songs that I debated adding to this list, but I settled on these 10 because not only are they great, but Spotify’s “related artists” feature has allowed me to find other songs that are similar that I also enjoy.

And the more I use Spotify, the better my music suggestions are going to be. Ogle says that the more Spotify knows your music preferences, the better the options it can suggest.

“I see Discover Weekly as one of the first products from this new era of personalization [in Spotify],” Ogle said. “But ultimately we’d love for everything you interact with on Spotify to feel like there’s a bit of you in it.”

When Apple Music first came out I strongly considered switching over, but with the Discover Weekly playlist, it’s not even up for debate anymore. Spotify knows me too well.

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